Can I synchronize prices with Homeaway / VRBO?



  • Johan Beilschmidt

    To bad it is not possible to synchronise pricing with Homeaway, Micazu and Tripadvisor. Are you busy trying to make this possible in the future?

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  • Aaron Simmonds

    Why can't anyone make a finished product...? Beds24 has all the channels but doesn't have a usable interface or app. YourPorter doesn't have support for Agoda and the interface is a little clunky. Smoobu is the closest to being finished but doesn't have HomeAway. Also, Smoobu messes up Early-bird and Last-minute promos on Airbnb which atract customers attention. 

    Nobody supports TripAdvisor rentals because you need 5+ properties for API access. There must be a way to still get API access; can't everyones properties be pooled together into 1 account or something??? 

    A lot of these have been out for years; what are you all trying to solve? As a Software Developer myself, it's highly infuriating seeing all these unfinished disjointed projects. All you need is a well designed interface then simply link into the APIs; is it that hard!? Feed in prices from PriceLabs then you're done. 

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