How do I receive all messages from the booking portals in Smoobu?



  • Casa Di Duilio

    Hello, it should be usefull if the entire conversation between host and guest it was visible scrolling a unique page as it happens in AirBnB and Pulse (Booking) applications. Right now, to read the entire conversion, you continuosly have to switch between the inbox and the outbox

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  • STAY BnB

    I have to agree with the above comment. It would make a hosts job much more easy to track messages. 


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  • Marianne

    Hi there, thanks for your comments :)

    When reading a new message from the messages tab, you can check on the top right corner what reservation the message is related to. You can also click on the reservation (highlighted in blue) and you'll be redirected to the booking details, where you'll find the complete message history (like on Airbnb and Pulse). 

    Hope this helps! 

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  • Permanently deleted user

    Hi, up for Casa di Tulio request.

    Is really hard to follow the conversation on the message centre, does make no sense that we need to go on the booking page, makes our work much more difficult and with big margin of errors.

    We would need this feature to be implemented. 


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  • Caitriona

    Hi Mia

    Apologies for only seeing your comment.

    Thank-you for taking the time to reach out to us with this suggestion. We are always improving our software, so your feedback is appreciated.

     I have added your request to our Feedback Board for our Product Team's consideration. While I can't assure you we will add this functionality in the near future, please know it has been passed on.

    Kind regards

    Caitriona from Smoobu 

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  • William Kamp

    Yes, this should not be a click through process to see the message thread. The messages tab should operate like every other message app. When a guests messages us its in relation to a potential or existing reservation. So the messages should be all threaded together (at the very least like an email client, in the best case like the "Message History" in the booking page but without the clickthrough.

    Finally, your iOS app (can't speak to Android App) needs to allow instant or push notifications of new messages so we can reply to them immediately.

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  • Whatasuite Luxury Rentals

    Yes I  agree with every Suggestion that's been made the messages really really need to be in a thread all together where we can reply back please make this upgrade soon it is very much needed 

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