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  • Direzione Riservazione

    Seam to be a very cool feature. 
    I dont know the syntax to change colors and other objects, where can I find it ?

    For example to match my logo green and yellow  instead of the black trasparent and blu in the property selector?

    Best regards 

    Maurizio Sabbatini 


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  • Valerij Mokin

    Can support give us clear instruction which part to change to make changes, full css with comments etc..

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  • Direzione Riservazione

    I ask the same.  I have try the example code but nothing change 
    No docs are available...  

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  • Philipp

    Hi guys,

    I am sure we can help you. But please note that this is a developer pro feature and we will not be able to do a lot of customization. You may want to check with a developer. But will let you know once we receive your details. Which item should be adapted in which way.

    You can also already find this standard css in your settings. 

    :root {
    /* font colors */
    --font-color-default: #9a9a9a;
    --font-color-label: #9a9a9a;
    --font-color-input: #9a9a9a;
    --font-color-icons: #9a9a9a;
    --font-color-input-icons: #9a9a9a;
    --font-color-headlines: #9a9a9a;
    --font-color-error: #F45B69;
    --font-color-black: #424242;

    /* borders */
    --border-radius: 5px;
    --border-width: 1px;
    --border-color-default: #ced4da;
    --border-color-container: #ced4da;
    --border-color-input: #ced4da;
    --border-color-image: #ced4da;
    --border-color-error-shaddow: rgba(244, 91, 105, 0.25);

    /* button */
    --button-color-primary: #3b4aff;
    --button-color-secondary: white;


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  • Valerij Mokin

    Okay, a few hours and I did it. Philipp, you're cool, thanks :))

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  • Harry Holsboer

    Hi, does anyone know how to change the default value to "2" in the Adults dropdown menu?

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  • Samantha McCall


    Is it possible to change decrease the size of the whole thing, so that it is more mobile user friendly? 

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  • Erika from Smoobu

    Hi to all our lovely Smoobu users!

    For quick support, we recommend you to open a ticket from your Smoobu session "Help" as this comments section doesn't alert us of your question.

    Best to always submit a ticket! This way we can get back to you ASAP :) 

    Best wishes from Berlin,

    Erika form Smoobu

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