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  • Elevest Rentals

    So it sounds like Smoobu does not compile the data from the online check-in form into a list? I have to manually down the file per booking, then manually add each guest/reservation data into my mail chimp contact list so that I can market to my past customers. Is this accurate? 

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  • Marianne

    Yes, it is. For now the Online check-in files are individual .txt files.

    If you would like to export the guests' list you can do so from our Contacts section.

    Hope this helps! Best,


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  • An Brouwers

    The language of the fields and the description of the online check in do not change depending on the language of the (template) email, correct? 

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  • #48931

    I would like to leave a simple suggestion here:

    - The Dates fields should force a date format instead of a free text and

    - The country and nationality fields should force the user to choose from a list of countries. 

    I compile the guest's data from the text files generated from check-in forms to send to immigration authorities and I have to manually correct these fields every time because each guest has a different way of writing dates and to name their own country or nationality. Such a simple improvement would make my work incredibly easier :)

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  • Caitriona

    Hi there

    Thank-you for taking the time to reach out to us with this suggestion. We are always improving our software, so your feedback is appreciated.

     I have passed your suggestion to our Feedback Board for our Product Team's consideration. 

    Kind regards

    Caitriona from Smoobu

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