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  • I created an invoice and now I can process payment. However it does not show the invoice has been paid! Meaning I have to wait 2-3 days for the money to clear in the bank and only then check if the client has paid. 

    It does creates a BIG issue to me.

    When guests requests additional services - pet fee, additional parking permits, additional guests, etc I cannot see that the guests paid. However the guests expect me to provide service for which they paid (or they said they did). 

    Such a simple, but VERY important function to add.


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  • The Sanders Store

    Can't agree with Jacob and Sons Relocation Ltd enough! Would be so much more helpful if there was some mechanism that automatically tracked payments.  It's very manual to go in a check a box if the invoice is paid.  We use Dubsado for another business and the payment tracking is automatic and very easy to identify.  So important for getting out of a manual process for tracking payments.  

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  • #62282

    Ditto to the above comments, would really like if we could take the reminder payment automatically somehow.

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  • Erika Smoobu

    Hi there, 

    We recently released a new feature to collect a balance payment.

    While it is not automated, the ability to collect this is now live.

    Head here to read more on how to do this.

    Many thanks

    Erika from the Smoobu Team

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